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Discovery Coaching

It's time to start taking action. 

Are you struggling to make progress on your goals and dreams?

Do you need help getting motivated and holding yourself accountable?

Do you need to stop the negative pattern of procrastination that haunts you?

If so then you may be asking, what is it that I need?

You need someone to help you document your vision.  You need someone to assist you in designing an achievable plan that will work for you.  You need support executing your vision.  You need someone to hold you accountable to your goals.

If you are struggling to take the daily actions needed to go where you desire in your career and life. It isn’t happening fast enough, you’re losing motivation and you're frustrated.  Then it's time to start taking action.  You’ve earned the right to learn how to create an actionable plan, hold yourself accountable and seamlessly execute to your vision. Are you ready?


Work with us:

We take our programs and work very seriously.  Discovery Coaching is comprised of a team of highly trained and skilled coaches with cheerleader styles and fun spirits.  We like to have fun, but never at the expense of you achieving your goals.  We work hard so we can play harder and want you to do the same!

Meet the team!

Interested in learning more about The Discovery Coaching team?  Read our team bios to learn more about us and our experience and education. Check out all the great places the team has been featured and published.  Interviewing for blogs & podcasts or participating in  training, seminars and public speaking engagements is just a normal day!

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We don't blog...

We don't blog in a traditional sense. We provide tons of value in the form of resources you can use.  It may be a free training or download, a quick summary of important information, or a link to a favorite article or podcast.  We hope you find our free resources useful and supportive.  Don't forget to join the mailing list to receive even more content direct to your inbox weekly.

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