Clifton StrengthsFinder® Assessment

Take the Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment and reveal your complete individual strengths profile.  Learn how to understand your personal strengths, maximize your effectiveness, leverage your strengths and identify strengths in others. When you take the assessment (aprox 40 minutes) you will receive a number of reports helping you to analyze your talents. 

  • Individual Assessment, reports, E-book: $150
  • Individual Assessment, reports, E-book & 2-hr coaching session: $700
  • Organization ran individual and/or management assessments: Inquire for more information

Value Stream Mapping for Process Improvement

Continuous improvement is a leadership trait exhibited by top level leaders.  Let’s face it technology, processes, teams and everything in-between, are changing rapidly.  What can you do to keep up?  Strive for continuous improvement.  There is no room for, “we’ve always done it that way” in business today.  Value stream mapping (VSM) is a lean-management approach for analyzing the current state and designing a future state for the series of events that take a product or service from its beginning through to the customer.  The VSM process is easy to apply to variety of processes.  If your organization is experiencing burnout, inefficiencies, or a general lack of change and adaption.  Value Stream mapping may be the answer.


Start, Stop, Continue Exercise for Improvement

The start, stop, continue exercise is an easy tool for looking at improvement. It can also be used as a technique for generating ideas, solving problems, and negotiating behavior changes between two groups, individuals, or departments. In this exercise your facilitator will walk you through each of the three categories to discuss and document what you need to start doing more of, stop all together and continue doing.  This can relate to a process, team or even a leader.  It’s an effective way to quickly identify changes that the whole team can buy into.


Introductory Leadership Skills Assessment

The introductory leadership skills assessment will walk you (or your leadership team) through approx 60-minutes of specific skill based questions.  The intent is to identify which skills you're strongest in and which you may need to develop.  Work with your assessment coach to build your leadership skills development plan and discussion specific goals you can work on to grow not only your leadership skills but also the skills that will allow you to achieve your career, business and personal goals.