Mindset Held me Back

Dear Coach Jen,

What was the hardest part about starting a business in Costa Rica?

There were a lot of things that were both a blessing and a curse! I lived in the jungle 5 minutes from the beach and with a pool at my house. That can make it hard to stay focused!  I had internet issues at times, mostly just slow speed. The power would go out regularly which would impact my wifi and phone connection.  BUT… Mindset--- this was my biggest block. I was having so much fun it was hard to stop and get myself focused to be in business. I found I would make a lot of excuses that had nothing to do with my business. It was too hot, I had no desk, etc.  Once I realized I was holding myself back I got committed! I met with a coach, I went to a conference in the US, I hosted a HUGE event and spent hours coaching and building content.  Within 2 months I went from saying I had a business to really having one with paying clients and movement forward!

You will make excuses no matter where you are. Catch yourself doing it, get focused and change your mindset!


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