1. We start by conducting a strengths assessment to identify your top talents. We will review in detail your top talents and discuss opportunities to better leverage them for your personal success and leadership growth.

  2. We will document your leadership development plan. This will highlight goals you would like to focus on, leadership skills you need to develop and any challenges holding you back.

  3. We will work together to execute to your plan using a combination of coaching, training, and consultation.

Twenty Five 45-minute coaching sessions

Includes: Strengths Finder assessment & Leadership Development plan.

Weekly sessions, lasting approximately 6-months.

Once purchased your sessions must be used within 12 months.

DISCLAIMER | COACH EXPECTATION: You will put in 100% effort. You will do the homework. You will take notes. You will follow through.  As your coach I will guide you but you will be responsible to do the work, take notes and track your progress!

Wondering if this is right for you? Schedule a 30-minute consultation.