Your employees, teams and students want to feel like you genuinely care about their growth and development. 

How would you like to show them:

  • You have a vested interest in their happiness and personal growth
  • You support their goals, dreams and visions
  • You care about their happiness and overall moral
  • You believe they have strong stills to leverage and will help them learn how
  • You will do whatever it takes to nurture and grow them

It's time to do just that!

And the best part is, it doesn't take an elaborate training program - just 1:1 coaching. 

Help your people succeed through these three steps:

  1. Identify their biggest strengths & skills and teach them to leverage them daily to maximize growth and progress.
  2. Create awareness to personal weaknesses and learn how to avoid these blind spots by using strengths to get overcome the weakness.
  3. Personally develop in a way that balances work and balances home.  Make them feel like their development plan is customized to maximize their growth.


And it really is as easy as that...


Why work with Jennifer Maynard?

I spent five years in management roles at Boeing coaching and leading top talent employees. I transitioned into a program manager role and supported business and IT manager and non-manager development programs. I coached 30+ top talent participants at a time using the very strengths based approach I use in my business today to support my corporate, private and government clients.

Read more about me and view client testimonials.


How I do achieve these results for my clients?

Private, personalized coaching sessions to discuss each individuals wants, roadblocks and plan.

Each individual receives:

  1. A Clifton Strengthsfinder® top 5 strengths assessment. 
  2. We document a plan that leverages their strengths and works toward achieving the goals on that plan.
  3. We discuss weaknesses and other roadblocks/barriers and how to overcome these blocks.
  4. Every client is set up for success and worked closely with to ensure their vision is achieved.

Leadership receives:

A summary of how all clients are progressing; the coaching/client relationship is confidential but you will receive:

  1. A copy of each individuals Clifton Strengthsfinder® top 5 strengths assessment.
  2. Confirmation a plan has been documented, communication around client's commitment level to the plan and any challenges they are experiencing.  Report of clients commitment level to coaching and their personal progress.
  3. Summary analysis of ALL client's development areas. I will summarize what all individuals are experiencing through the process and ensure that leadership knows how to best continue serving the population.

The future leader's coaching package can be personalized to fit the needs of the corporation.  Each packages comes with the Clifton Strengthsfinder® top 5 strengths assessment for every client that takes part in one or more coaching session & and the management report outs (at a weekly or monthly frequency). Current packages are:

Beginner:  Twenty 45-minute coaching sessions to be used for one ore more client. $4,400

Intermediate: Fifty 45-minute coaching sessions to be used for five or more clients. $10,500

Advanced: One-hundred 45-minute coaching sessions to be used for ten or more clients. $20,000