From Corporate to Unconventional

What is Unconventional you ask? It's whatever you want it to be!

  • Entrepreneur
  • Stay at home mom
  • Adventurer
  • Powerhouse leader

Download your workbook today and start taking the steps needed to launch your unconventional life!

This is possible for you.

  • Everyone can have the freedom lifestyle they want.
  • Everyone has the strengths and skills to build a business or career that lights them up daily.
I know because I'm a coach, consultant and laptop entrepreneur traveling the globe with my husband, dog and two-year-old daughter living the life of my dreams!

Let me help you create the freedom based lifestyle you desire through this workbook where you'll:

  • Gain the clarity you need to move forward
  • Discover exactly what you want in your unconventional life
  • Walk away with three goals you can action on right away

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