It's time to stop taking advice and start taking action. 

Do you have goals you wish to achieve but need help with motivation and accountability?

Do you know there is more out there for you, but you don’t know what?

Do have a few ideas of the life you want to create but need help getting them organized and on paper?

Do you ready to life your ideal life no matter how unconventional it may seem?

What do you need?

You need someone to help you discover and document your vision.  You need someone to assist you in designing an achievable plan that will work for you.  You need support executing your vision.  You need someone to hold you accountable to your goals. You need a life, motivation, success, confidence, career, business, well rounded... COACH.

 I am Jennifer Maynard, I work with authentic citizens of the world, like you. The only problem is you’re struggling to take the daily actions needed to go where you desire in your career and life. It isn’t happening fast enough, you’re losing motivation and you're frustrated.  You’ve earned the right to learn how to create an actionable plan, hold yourself accountable and seamlessly execute to your vision.

Success Coaching is how you will renew the passport to your authentic life.  Are you ready?


Renew the passport to your authentic life:



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