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Discovery Coaching

Are you struggling to make progress toward your goals?

Are you struggling to hold yourself accountable?

It's time to start taking action. 

If you are struggling to take the daily actions needed to go where you desire in your career and life, progress isn’t happening fast enough, you’re losing motivation and you're frustrated then it's time to start taking action. 

At Discovery Coaching, we help motivated people achieve career and life goals through coaching.

Let us show you how to create an actionable plan, hold yourself accountable and seamlessly execute to your vision.

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Work with us:

We take our programs and work seriously.  Discovery Coaching is comprised of a team of highly trained and skilled coaches with cheerleader styles and fun spirits.  We like to have fun, but never at the expense of you achieving your goals.  We work hard so we can play harder and want you to do the same!

Grab a copy of our 39-page workbook for only $15 & take yourself from Perplexed to Planned!

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