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Jennifer Maynard



Jennifer Maynard

Leadership & Business Coach

Unconventional Launch Expert

Jennifer Maynard is a leadership & business coach for visionaries.

Through coaching she helps clients find, document and achieve their ultimate vision so they can launch their unconventional life.

In my own words... Two years ago, I left corporate and launched my unconventional life. My family packed our bags and moved to Costa Rica for a year; where we found out our adventure was just beginning. When I discovered I could lead the freedom lifestyle I wanted and have the business I deserved, there was no going back. Since then, we have continued to travel the US and even spent the fall in France. 

Now, it’s all about designing the unconventional life that works for me and my family --- and for as many visionaries as possible.  If it's time to Launch Your Unconventional Life, I'm here for you!

I hope you have enjoyed the summit! Now it's time to get down to business...

You don’t need months of coaching or hundreds of hours of training to launch your unconventional life – you need a good plan.  

That is why I have built a Launch Intensive Program just for you!

Head over to the launch page to get started today!