Week 1

The first week of the month the video training and learning content will be released. The videos are recorded and can be watched at anytime. Leaders will also receive content that provides additional learning along with homework to focus on through the month. The homework is a commitment of 1 hour but leaders are encouraged to spend more time if needed.  The homework is due every month during the 4th week.

Week 2

During week two leaders will have a 60-minute leadership coaching session. The session will focus on the training and applying it directly to the leader. They can also choose to use this time to bring up real situations at work that they need their coaches support to navigate. The leader is expected to take their own notes and follow up with any actions on their own.

Week 3

During week three there is a 60 to 120-minute group coaching session. This session is used to cover the training material again (if necessary) and for all the students to support each other as they work through the learnings from earlier in the week. Leaders often use this time to share their personal struggles and ask for advice, support or help from their other leader peers.  The coach facilitates the discussion and ensures it stays on track, on topic and relevant.

Week 4

The last week of the month is for reflecting on the lessons of the week. The coach will send out a summary of the months learnings and discussions, a reminder of where to access content and recordings and will request all homework be turned in. The coach uses this week to review homework and follow up with leaders in the next leadership coaching session regarding their progress and work.

The program will cover the following areas which allow each leader to uniquely grow into the leader they were meant to be.


Setting goals that will be met

We start the training off with a baseline, setting effective goals for you and your teams. We will cover what makes a goal effective, how to write it and how to follow through. We will discuss the pitfalls of not setting good goals, the mistakes that many leaders make and how to avoid them.


Communicating like a leader

This month is a focus on how to hold your team accountable, performance management and having effective 1:1s.  We dive into communication and how to keep your team happy and motivated even when you are holding them accountable.  We will also touch on conflict and other challenges leaders are exposed to.


Good leaders are great coaches

Yep this month is all about how to be a great coach. We dive into what coaching is and why it's one of the most important leadership skills you can have. We share coaching questions and how to use coaching with your team.  Be ready for some practice, because we will do that together too!


Be the leader others will follow

In the last week we focus on you. Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? Are you aware of the things holding you back? How emotionally intelligent are you? Have you set some personal goals to grow your leadership? We ask these questions and wrap the training up with you setting a clear path forward for your success.


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