You're ready to Launch Your Unconventional Life!

 You’re here because you are ready to launch BUT you might feel like you need some support.  I suspect one or more of these resonate with you:

  • You’re a bit overwhelmed with all the great information and support out there.
  • You want to take all the information you have and correctly connect the dots.
  • You have a vision in your head, but it’s just that, in your head…
  • You would like to document your goals and tasks so that you can start achieving today.
  • You need support with action and execution.
  • You have so many ideas you can’t pull them all together into one vision.
  • You’re disappointed you haven’t been able to do more on your own.
  • You’re ready to take a step that will actually move you closer to your vision.
  • You’re ready to Launch Your Unconventional Life! 

Trust me, I can relate, because I have been there!

I spent 10 years in corporate as the expert that helped everyone else launch. New programs, new jobs and new teams. I mentored, coached and planned for hundreds of leaders.  Yet when I stepped away from corporate I struggled to do it for myself.  It wasn’t until I implemented a family plan with my husband (for our move to Costa Rica) and a business plan (for Discovery coaching) that the dots connected. I am thankful every day that I worked with a coach, accountability partners, business mentors and my husband to build those plans. 

I laugh at myself when I think how I had all the tools, knowledge, skills, strength and YEARS of experience right in front of me – and I still couldn’t figure it out.  I’m thankful for the struggles and failures I've had, as they taught me lessons that lead me to success.  I now not only know what worked for the hundred of clients I've supported, but also what worked for me! 

So here's the deal... It doesn't take much to make your vision happen!

  1. Stop monkeying around (yes that is a monkey from my Costa Rica adventure!)

  2. You need a solid plan...

  3. You need to execute...

move (4).png

You don’t need months of coaching or hundreds of hours of training to get started – you need a good plan.

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And that is why I have built a Launch Intensive Program just for you!

This Program is NOT for you if:

  • You’re not willing to do the work. You have to build the plan and put your vision together. I will give you the tools and ask you the right questions to move you forward… but at the end of the day it’s your plan, your action and your execution.
  • You’re looking for someone to “tell you what to do” – NOT ME… Coaches support clients through questions, skills, experience and accountability, they don’t tell you what you to do.
  • You don’t have the money to spend on the program. Please don’t invest in this program if it is a personal strain. If you are experiencing severe money issues, please re-focus your energy on fixing that then come back to me later to create your launch plan. Don’t spend your rent and grocery money on a coaching program, ever…

This Program is for you if:

  • You’re ready to put your vision on paper and put the time in that it takes to build a solid plan.
  • You're wanting to achieve your goals and willing to try new and creative ways to do so.
  • You don't think you know it all - that is why you are okay reaching out for support!
  • You’re willing to explore new tactics for goal setting and execution. 
  • You're willing to have open and candid conversations about the struggles and challenges you have had up to this point.
  • You’re willing to learn to hold yourself accountable, like really hold yourself accountable, so you never need a coach again!
  • You know that you can achieve your vision if you document a solid plan and are ready to take action!


So what does this Launch Intensive Include?

The breakdown:

1)    A MP3 of every interview from The How to Launch Your Unconventional Life Summit – your personal podcast!

2)    Your PERSONAL Launch Worksheet.  New content unlike anything given away so far! Answer specific questions that will help drive out your plan.  The workbook will be completed in advance of the intensive and sent to me for review.

3)    Two-hour intensive with your Launch Coach, Me! We will review your launch workbook and complete your plan.  The intensive will be focused on ensuring you have mapped out all your action steps and have full awareness of what needs to happen in order to launch.

4)    30-minute follow up coaching session.  This session will be an important check in to ensure you are moving forward with the plan as outlined and not getting stuck!

At the completion of the program you will:

  1. Have a documented vision

  2. Have a documented launch plan

  3. Have documented steps/goals/actions to achieve that vision

  4. Start executing on those goals

  5. Learn the skills needed to hold yourself accountable


Pay in full for best value:

Book by 2/13/17 at 5pm EST and receive a bonus 30-minute coaching session as my gift to you!

Payment plan:

Complete your second payment 2 weeks following the initial payment.

Love this... but want more?

If you book ANY coaching package by 2/13/17 you will get the Launch Intensive Package FREE! That's right I just gave you $447 back, boom - you're welcome!

Here is what clients say about working with me...



"I have known Jennifer for awhile and I've always been amazed by her honest integrity and follow through as a coach. As most know, Coaches can be hit or miss when it comes to follow through and putting in the work themselves, but Jennifer is always on time, prompt and packs a ton of value in her group programs and offerings. I'm always amazed. 
I'm just now taking advantage of her unique gifts and 1:1 service. After spending only an hour with her, I was able to reach a tangible and attainable goal in my business. I reached out to her feeling stuck, like I wasn't attracting clients, feeling out of alignment with my life & business and simply needing some clarity around it all. She not only listened extremely well to what I was saying, but she was able to pinpoint an issue I wasn't aware of. As soon as she exposed that "ah-ha" moment for me, she held the space for me and allowed me the room to let go of OVER committing myself to too many projects. This is hard for someone who wants to "do it all" and launch and who had already invested and built everything out, but simply didn't feel good to launch any piece. She provided me with an alternative route that I hadn't thought about, a tangible solution that lifted the weight off from my shoulders and allowed me to feel good again about my services and offerings. The result for me was getting back to where I can serve from an authentic and aligned space. In addition, she made sure I put together a plan for 2017 and sent me a template to help with the goal setting. This was simply icing on the cake! AND if that wasn't enough, she outlined an email template for me so that I can fan out some of the work to my VA and have her gather the testimonials for my biz instead of me. All in 1 hour! Simply Ah-mazing!
I absolutely loved the straight forward approach to her session, the no fluff and no bullshit!"

"No matter how much journaling and self-reflection I did, the countless self-assessments and quizzes I took…I still felt - stuck. Surprisingly, I had the answers all along. But, it took someone to ask the right questions in the right way, to collect and mine the data and mirror it back for me in such a way that I could start to see the answers for myself. Jen Maynard is a gifted coach, a committed partner and unwavering champion. Working with her has helped me get un-stuck, moving towards living out a life plan that is authentic and ambitious and most importantly feels right!"



I'm Ready to Launch!

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