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The Accountability Program

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You’re here because you need support achieving your goals. 

No fancy words, or coaching jargon -  just truth.

We have all been there, even coaches struggle.  But the truth is, coaches know how to overcome the struggle. 

And that is exactly what we are going to do for you… overcome the struggle.

After years of practicing as a life coach and being a leader and manager in corporate it’s clear that the number one thing holding people back from achieving their goals is the ability to hold themselves accountable to their goals.

According to the American Society for Training & Development the probability of achieving a goal changes significantly based on the level of commitment and accountability toward that goal.  

  • Hear an idea: 10% likelihood of achieving.

  • Decide to commit: 40% likelihood of achieving. 

  • Craft a plan: 50% likelihood of achieving.

  • Verbally commit to the goal: 65% likelihood of achieving. 

  • Have an accountability partner you report to: 95%  likelihood of achieving.


So, it’s simple, RIGHT?

Turn an idea it into a commitment, create a plan, be accountable.

***   But what really happens looks more like…   ***

An idea sparks

You commit and motivation takes hold

You might build a plan with action oriented tasks

You start telling others that you have this great goal (or one person)

Then it dies out… you lose motivation, the plan is out of date, you don’t have the excitement, energy or enthusiasm to keep going.  You care about the goal still but you've been overcome by the events of life…

The solution is simple, Accountability Coaching.

What’s in it for you?

A space to commit your goals to others and experts to hold you accountable to those goals.

Let’s face it, you don’t need another book, you don’t need more training, you don’t need a webinar or tip sheet and you don’t need your friends or family “trying to help”.

You need an organized plan

You need the right exercises

You need a mentor, coach and experienced accountability partner

You need a safe space to both fail and achieve


You need the Accountability Program.

Here is what clients are saying about the program:

I’d never participated in a facilitated accountability group before, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I started the Discovery Coaching TAP group. It’s been a month in now and I can see the benefits of fully participating in it. Having the weekly ‘homework’ kept me focused on my highest priority tasks. It also helped me to notice, even over the course of just a month, how often I can get distracted from these goals and tasks, as well as notice when appropriate changes need to be made to adjust to changing circumstances and mindsets. Revisiting these each week and having to review challenges and successes in a live group session helped me to be, well…accountable! Also, I really enjoyed Jen’s energy, presence and feedback throughout this month. Thank you, Jen, for offering this group!
— S. Wood
I was struggling with getting clarity on my goals, accountability and celebrating them! The group format was helpful in reminding me I am not the only one navigating the waters of owning your own business and how to keep your head above water with concrete tasks.
— S. Bahrami
I found out on the first call that I have not been specific enough on my goals. It was really nice having someone listen to me, tell me what I was doing wrong, and then tell me how to correct it. It was also wonderful having someone to hold me accountable each week, it definitely made me more productive. I really think more people would hit their goals if they were in a program like this.
— E. Turner
It helped me more clearly define my focus and realize that I’m still in a discovery phase and that’s OK. The habit tracking exercise gave me insight to habits that are serving me and a couple that are not. Looking at the time I spend on different things made me ask if I am spending that time on what is important to me. Am I just busy or am I productive and am I meeting my goals? I would recommend this program to someone who needs help with their own accountability or who needs to examine accountability in multiple areas of their life. The process is the most important part.
— C. Rensink

The Accountability Program

Every week in the program looks like....


Weekly Homework


Group    Coaching


Instant support on your phone


Motivational Emails


A group discussion forum for support anytime


Private one on one coaching (private program)



The Group Program

  • Weekly email support
  • Weekly accountability homework
  • Library of resources in the Member-Login page
  • Weekly group coaching
  • Private group discussion forum (Slack)
  • Coach support direct to your phone (Voxer)

Fee $100/month.

Group (1).png

The Private Program

  • Weekly coaching call (20-minutes)
  • Weekly email support
  • Weekly accountability homework
  • Library of resources in the Member-Login page
  • Weekly group coaching
  • Private group discussion forum (Slack)
  • Coach support direct to your phone (Voxer)

Fee $200/month.



  • Membership fee charged monthly (on date of original payment).
  • A three-month commitment is required.
  • After three-months membership can be cancelled at any time (please allow 2 weeks for processing).
  • Only 4 group and private calls per month. Five week months will have a one week hiatus.