Discovery Coaching is happy to offer a one-month mentorship mastermind absolutely free. 

There will be four free group sessions* with unique discussion topics and workbooks to guide you on your way to achieving financial freedom.  Join me and other mentees just like you who are looking for support and community.  Its not only time to start taking action, but to have the support of a community to help guide you and hold you accountable to your goals!  Are you ready?

Enroll with your email below. Once enrolled you will be emailed follow up details (at the close of the event) including meeting notices for the free mastermind mentorship sessions.  Grab your spot now!*


How to get started + Let's Launch Planning Workbook.


How to overcome challenges + Clarity Workbook.


Why you need Community Support & where to get it.


How to hold yourself Accountable + Mentorship offer.

Still wondering if this is for you?

You've listened to the interviews and learned a lot. But learning is not what will allow you to cultivate personal financial freedom. 

If you resonate with any of the following... you're in the right place:

  • You feel like your work/life balance is a bit off and you need to magically find more time in your day.

  • You want more out of your career; you know you can be a stronger leader and have more impact.

  • You want to start a business and become an entrepreneur but don't even know how to take the first step.

  • You feel overwhelmed by everything that surrounds you, people, tasks, stuff, responsibilities, etc.

  • You need someone to talk to, plain and simple. You just need someone to be there and listen to you.

Every one of these points are a challenge I personally have been through and successfully overcome, so I get it. And let's be honest the list doesn't end there!

Take some time for you, enjoy this free community and mentorship. 

I've been there. I've struggled. I've had a hard time starting and even wanted to quit.  Today I am where I want to be. 

Let's get your journey started or on the right track so you too can be where you want to be!  See you there...

*Disclaimer: This program will only take place if 20 people enroll.  If less than 20 enroll individuals will be offered a different free program in it's place.