Private Coaching

$600/month per client or

$3,400 for 25 sessions

conducted via phone/video

Every enrolled employee will received the following:

  1. Weekly 45-minute coaching sessions (25 total)
  2. Homework and assignments built by the coach for the client as required
  3. Additional fees may apply for Management reviews & tag-ups.

*Sessions are confidential, but report out on teams progress is provided to leadership monthly. 20 sessions last aprox 6-months.



$700 for 3-hr virtual workshops

Workshops can be tailored to each organizations needs or purchased "out of the box" from our current offerings.  Workshops conducted in person at organizations home office. Travel is not included in workshop cost and will need to be sponsored for locations beyond 60 miles.  Discounts provided for bulk purchases and multi sessions.  All workshops are designed for 10-20 participants. 


Price varies

Training is a long term process that supports developing employees into the future leaders others will follow.  Leadership development is a long term process and should be treated as such.  We recommend a minimum of 2-weeks of leadership training.  We find most organizations are effective when they spread training out over a 1 year period with one full training day per month or a 6-month period with 2 solid training days per month. Though some training may be conducted virtually, most will be done in person on site at the organization.


Individual Assessment $200

Management Assessment + two hour coaching session $700

Take the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment and reveal your complete strengths profile, including the relative dominance of each of your 34 strengths.  In addition, download the bestselling StrengthsFinder 2.0 e-book absolutely free. Understand how to maximize your effectiveness, identify strengths in others, and achieve success. After your assessment is complete you will work with your leadership coach to understand your unique strengths and learn to leverage your strengths. You will create your leadership plan and take the actions needed to meet your goals using your strengths.

Group Coaching



Sessions last 60-90 minutes depending on group size. Sessions tailored to the needs of the team with revolving subjects based on focus areas. Similar to private coaching these sessions are conducted over the phone.  Group coaching can be face to face with unique agreement including travel expenses, set session duration and previously agreed to planned topic for the session.

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