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Are you struggling to take the daily actions needed to go where you desire in your career and life? Is progress just not happening fast enough forcing you to lose motivation and get frustrated with yourself?

  You’ve earned the right to learn how to create an actionable plan, hold yourself accountable and seamlessly execute to your vision.

Coaching is for you if you are ready to commitment to your plan.  It's intensive and packed with support designed specifically for you.


Are you ready?


In our most popular program you WILL:

  1. Achieve many of your goals.
  2. Walk away with a documented plan to achieve your vision - beyond our time together.
  3. Have a clear understanding of the goals and task you need to perform on your own.
  4. Know how to achieve your goals in the future without a coach.

Includes: 18 45-min sessions to complete in 6-months (3 per month). Program is billed at $400/month.

In our most cost effective Accountability Program you WILL:

  1. Complete weekly homework via email.
  2. Talk to your coach each week to keep you on track and accountable.

Includes: weekly 20-min sessions (4 per month). Program is billed at $200/month.  Three month minimum commitment is required.


In our beginner program you WILL:

  1. Start the program by completing our workbook, Perplexed to Planned.
  2. Conduct a kick off goal setting 90-minute intensive.
  3. Receive one 30-minute coaching call per month.
  4. Send your coach one email per month checking in to report progress.

Includes: One 30-min session per month (6 month commitment). Program requires $125 deposit up front and is billed at $75/month there after.  Six month minimum commitment is required.


In our weekly check in program you WILL:

  1. Email your coach every Monday with status.
  2. Schedule and show up for your 10-minute tag up every week.
  3. Program charged weekly, one month commitment required, please allow 2 weeks notice to end program.

Includes: One 10-min session per week (1 month commitment). Program requires 2 weeks notice to end.

Once purchased your sessions must be used within 12 months. It is recommended you use a minimum of three sessions per month.

DISCLAIMER | COACH EXPECTATION: You will put in 100% effort. You will do the homework. You will take notes. You will follow through.  As your coach I will guide you but you will be responsible to do the work, take notes and track your progress!

Wondering if this program is right for you? Schedule a 30-minute consultation. In the 30-minute consultation we will discuss:

  • The three things you will accomplish in our time together.  These are based off of your goals and documented just for you.  Every client will have unique accomplishments designs for them at the end of our time together.
  • Your action plan.  What we will accomplish and achieve in the sessions to come.
  • Your personal folder, which comes filled with the resources, training, tools and workbooks you will need to set yourself up for success.

My sessions with Jennifer came at a crucial point in my life when I had some big decisions to make regarding my career. Jennifer asked thought-provoking questions, provided great resources, and listened well. She is personable and warm and I immediately felt comfortable with her. I’m still in the process of making some of those big decisions, but now I have the tools, which we created together, to go back to and reflect upon. My confidence in making next step decisions has increased and I have a much clearer idea of the path I want to be on.
— R. Jackson, Musician & Teacher
As a professional, I needed someone to help me achieve the next level in my career yet would understand ‘me’ and the challenges I was facing. Jennifer was instrumental in helping me to clearly define my goals and set time lines to accomplish those goals. She provided detailed guidance and encouragement when it was most needed. Her coaching style enable me to succeed.
— B. Akst, President & CEO
After completing the exercises in her comprehensive workbook before our call, we were ready to get down to work. By the end of our session, I had crafted a clear message about who and what I was about. As someone who needs structure, Jennifer was a great match for me. When I veered off track, she brought me back to center.
— C. Chin, Life Coach