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Small tasks... the death of achieving your goals

Okay so that is a bit dramatic, let me explain. We spend most of our time on small tasks all day, you could really even break it down to eating, showers, driving to work, etc. Don't take on so many small tasks that it becomes your focus and you loose track of your larger goals.

How do you avoid this you ask? Don't say YES to everything, it's okay to say NO. Weed out unnecessary chores. Really take stock of what you are doing and only do it if it meets your end goals. Get help where you can on tasks and chores that don't have to do with your main goal. For example, if you have the money to hire a housekeeper to save you a few hours on cleaning, do it. Consider giving up cable, or TV – anything that takes you away from achieving your goals.

Start weeding out excessive small tasks and it will open the door to achieving big goals!!

Jennifer MaynardComment