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How to get clients

If you have any type of business (especially online) you know the value of having a list. You also know that at some point you will craft a funnel and sell to that list.  Funnels are a great way to stay consistent and communicate a clear message to all your followers in an organized fashion.  Funnels do work, but usually not till 2 things occur. 1) Your product is hands down amazing and exactly what the people on your list need OR 2) They know, like and trust you. 

It’s hard to sell something people don’t understand or don’t need. And it's even harder to sell them something if they don't know who you are!

Having a list and funnel can be a key part of business but I would argue that for many service providers building know, like and trust is more important.  Let me give you three examples.

Client One: Joined my email list in January of 2016. She joined in response to an event I was hosting.  She took advantage of an offer for a free coaching call in March. We connected and it wasn’t the right time for her to invest.  She continued to follow me on FB, in my group, my blog and my list. In September, she took advantage of a one-time offer for a month of coaching and officially became a client, after 9 months of following me.  She has since participated in group coaching and is officially an engaged follower!

Client Two: Also joined my email list in January of 2016.  She would regularly respond to my emails and say hello and ask a question here and there.  In June, she was ready for support through a job transition. We conducted an intensive and she was now officially a client!

Client Three: Joined my email list in May of 2016. She was someone from my previous network that I had lost touch with. I saw her post on LinkedIn about starting her own business and I reached out and offered to support her. We had a lovely collaboration call and she joined my list.  She would reach out and say hello here and there and one day this November I woke up to see she booked 3-months of coaching, and paid in full, from a link on my website. 

All of these relationships came from building know, like and trust and nurturing my list.  I’ve only shared three examples, but there are many others just like it. And as my list grows, collaboration and clients grow. 

What are you doing to build know, like and trust with your tribe and followers?  Join my “How to nurture your list” training here:

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