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I don't know what business to start!

Dear Coach Jen,

I have some ideas for a business I want to start, but I’m not sure if there is a need. What should I do next?

This is a great question, and let me just say, you are not alone! This is probably the number one challenge future entrepreneurs face before getting their businesses going (or in some cases even after going). 

If you are experiencing this challenge you probably got the cart before the horse. Don’t get me wrong brainstorming is critical, but you need to take a step back.  Figure out who you want to serve and then go work on solving their problems. If you jump ahead to the solution you will likely miss something critical.  Make sure you are clear on the person you are serving first.  After you gain that clarity you can go back and ask them, survey them, research them, etc.  This is where you can really dig in deeper and solve the problem they have. 

So keep those ideas handy, but go back and make sure you are 100% clear on who you are wanting to serve first!