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What is a Niche?

Dear Coach Jen,

I keep hearing people talking about “Niche”… what exactly is that and why do I care?


Niche in itself is a pretty funny word! Basically having a niche means you have identified a specific area you serve for your business.  Potty training coach to moms, tobacco specialty shop, you get the idea. The key piece to the Niche is you have a product or service to offer to a specific customer. 

Niching can be scary for some people because they are very afraid they will lose potential customers. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. You are more likely to help more people when people can see you and understand you.  Let’s take the potty training coach for example.  If she said she was a life coach for moms she may bring a lot of moms in but not necessarily moms that need potty training support. So although her following may grow, they wont convert to clients!  But if she gets laser focused she is going to attract that ideal client right away because they understand what she does and can see how she will support them.  The more you can attract that specific client you can serve, the better off you are.

So knowing your Niche will allow your business to grow by attracting the right clients and not a broad brush of potential clients…