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How to go Unconventional: Kate Crocco shares her story

This January I interviewed 19 amazing Entrepreneurs.  We talked about our unconventional lives.  I loved interviewing these successful people.  Tune in as they share their messages of how being unconventional and unique will drive your life and business forward.  Sometimes we have to think outside the box and take risks.  Most the time if we plan and stick to the plan we will achieve.

I hope you enjoy listening to these interviews all over again, while you are here don’t forget to snag your copy of the workbooks!

I'm Kate Crocco, a trained Psychotherapist now doing Confidence & Mindset Coaching with women in business. I help women create a mindset for success by supporting you in: Leaving your comfort zone and stepping into your “zone of genius”. Setting boundaries and LOVING your life and business again. Saying goodbye to the fear and scarcity mindset, and accepting abundance as your natural birthright. Showing up confidently in all areas of your life and business. Stretching and growing your faith, and evolving into the person you’re meant to be. And lastly, speaking effortlessly about your services, easily enrolling clients in your programs, and seeing cash come in. A personal side of me: I've been married for about 4 years, but have known my hubs since we were 15 years old! We adopted a fur baby last February who we are absolutely in LOVE with and expecting our first human baby in four months. I'm a pretty extroverted person (ENFJ), but need quite a bit of alone time to dream, process, and be still in my thoughts. I love to read, bake, cook, and watch Fixer Upper (pretty much the only tv I will watch)! And I've actually done quite a few home renos with the hubs over the past few years!

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