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Are you ready to achieve your goals?

Reward yourself today!

Can I pay you to achieve your goals? How would you like $500?

2017 is your year to launch!

It is FINALLY time to launch your unconventional life and business. You're ready to put in the work and you want the reward.

What if you could:

Work with a coach to figure out what is holding you back.

Create a launch plan that guarantees you will succeed.

Accomplish three big goals in 90 days.

Be PAID to achieve your goals.

Sounds pretty great right? Well I have some exciting news, this program exists and was designed for you... 






Are you ready to:

  • Find the REAL problem holding you back from big change and face it head on so that you can actually create results and live the life you want

  • Create a plan to launch your unconventional life and business and start executing so that results show up NOW… not 2 years down the road

  • Focus on you and commit to creating the life you deserve

  • Stop waiting and start creating a fulfilling life and business today


This program is right for you if:

  • You want private coaching to create massive change and focus 100% on you and your results.
  • You’re willing to try things outside of the box to make real progress and see real results.
  • You want to conquer your fear head on before the end of the year with a bang.
  • You want to achieve three goals in 90 days.
  • You are willing to push yourself to get REAL results and get the support you need to make them happen.
  • You will put the work and time in to create YOUR unconventional life and business.
  • You want to be rewarded for your hard work.

I spent 12 years in corporate helping leaders develop quick and effective action plans through intensive coaching. These are the very techniques I’ve used to move clients quickly into action in order to achieve their goals.  

Here are a couple examples...

"As a professional, I needed someone to help me achieve the next level in my career yet would understand 'me' and the challenges I was facing. Jennifer was instrumental in helping me to clearly define my goals and set time lines to accomplish those goals. She provided detailed guidance and encouragement when it was most needed. Her coaching style enable me to succeed."

~B. Akst, President & CEO

"Jennifer is wonderful at helping clients to see outside the box. She gave me both the encouragement I needed, and the thinking partnership required, to obtain an opportunity that I never thought possible. I am now in a dream job that I thought would take decades to find, with many amazing opportunities as a result.”

~C. McKinney,Project Manager and Life Coach

I have unconventional methods that match my unconventional life and business.  Today I travel the world with my husband and 2 year old daughter. I launch unconventional lives by coaching entrepreneurial clients through building a business that lights them up, allows them to leave corporate behind and gives them the flexible freedom-based lifestyle they deserve.

This Program runs for 90 days and is all about momentum and reward!

  • Receive your copy of the New client workbook right away to get started on your journey
  • Three coaching session per month (9 sessions total, 45-minutes each)
  • One executable action assigned per session – specific to your situation
  • Build your launch plan
  • Be held accountable for executing to your goals, tasks and actions weekly
  • Receive Unlimited email support

By the program end you will have:

  • Determined what is holding you back and build a plan to work through those challenges
  • Built your detailed launch plan
  • Documented and completed three goals related to your launch plan
  • Overcome your fears and limiting beliefs
  • Launched your unconventional life!
  • Been handsomely rewarded

When you reach the end of the program and have achieved your three goals you will receive


I'm an unconventional coach, that's why...

This 3-month program is being offered with a lot of bonuses!

Also receive

** A strengths assessment (books & assessment to be completed on own time)  **

>> Leadership assessment (lets see where you stand and where you need support)  <<

** Access to the resource library (members only with 100+ pieces of FREE and downloadable content) **

>> Regular messages and check in (sorry you're stuck with me) <<

** Weekly office hours (A set time each wee you can reach out for support 1:1) **

>> One group session per month (all my clients round up for some extra support) <<