The Strong Business Planner is so much more than your average planner.

Created by Personal Strengths Empowerment Coach, Joy Martinez, The Strong Business Planner is a printable planner designed to help you create a strong business that celebrates and leverages your unique talents and strengths. It's a planning, productivity, and strengths development resource, all wrapped into one amazing printable planner. It's a planner to help you design and plan your business with your strengths so that can surpass your goals, reach your dreams, and love what you do.

The planner is designed for online entrepreneurs, is strengths-based, is in an easy-to-print format in multiple sizes, and includes instruction sheets for each planner page so that you know exactly how to best utilize each page.

  • a printable planner - buy it once and use it for life! Simply download, print, and enjoy!
  • designed for the online entrepreneur

  • not your average planner

  • a planning, productivity, and strengths-development resource in one

  • your new business BFF (aka: biz bestie)

  • a strengths-based planner, designed to help you focus on leverage your strengths in your business to create a really strong business!

"I can’t say enough great things about this planner. I love that I can print the pages I want and use them as many times as I need (daily, weekly, monthly). I love that it focuses on my strengths – to me one of my biggest assets in my business. I love that I have a place for all my to-dos, affirmations, goals and notes all in one place. This is the best tool for my business I have purchased to date… and the best part is it, it’s the most affordable tool I’ve purchased as well!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have."
~Jennifer Maynard, Leadership & Business Coach
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