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About Discovery Coaching

Discovery Coaching was founded in 2014 by Jennifer Maynard. 

We believe that just because you are happy or comfortable NOW doesn't mean you are living out your ideal life. Life gets better every day. Don't be scared to reach for more. Don't be afraid to shake things up. Don't be afraid to launch a life that means something to you that no one else will understand. 

You've got this and we've got your back!

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Jennifer Maynard ~ Founder & Lead Coach

After graduating from Washington State University with a degree in Marketing I quickly found an interest in working with others and started my career in merchandising. I eventually made my way to Boeing and experienced big business. I took full advantage of working for a world-class company and participated in high-potential programs, management rotation programs, employee development, mentoring and eventually coaching. I received my MBA and started to focus more on people and leadership. I was able to take advantage of my passion for mentoring and coaching through various job roles and continued to expand the passion through training, certifications, and practical application. Every position I have held over the years continues to be driven by the passion for helping others succeed and achieve their goals. Fast forward to 2014...  I started my coaching business and transitioned out of my corporate job to focus on my family and building my dream career in service to other visionaries. My family decided to have the adventure of a lifetime.  We packed up our belongings and moved to Costa Rica for a year! Since then... we have traveled and camped across the US and spent time exploring Europe.  My business travels with me.


Stephen Monroe Williams ~ Group Coaching Facilitator

Stephen experienced a spiritually significant event in 2010 related to the fundamental nature of love and reality which shifted the course of his life forever. In 2015, Stephen experienced a second significant event: The psychological experience of his own death. After this second event, Stephen was driven into a number of practices to discover the truth about human consciousness and the nature of reality including deep meditative practices, dream work and lucid dreaming, self-induced out-of-body experiences, and The Monroe Institute’s Near-Death Experience course led by Dr. Scott Taylor. As a result of the wisdom gained from these experiences and years of study and practice, Stephen is now a writer, speaker, and coach for the development of personal consciousness through his business Stephen is passionate about exploring human consciousness at the experiential level. His deep desire is to create methods and environments that wake people up and allow them to free themselves from the ideas, beliefs, and mental processes that limit their experience of a greater reality. Stephen has an MBA from Washington State University and a master’s in ministry from Northwest University. Stephen is an active member of Toastmasters International and uses this organization as an active platform to advocate for the understanding and development of human consciousness. He lives with his wife and three children in Sanford, Florida.

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