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Client Love...

Here's what our clients are saying!

"I have known Jennifer for awhile and I've always been amazed by her honest integrity and follow through as a coach. As most know, Coaches can be hit or miss when it comes to follow through and putting in the work themselves, but Jennifer is always on time, prompt and packs a ton of value in her group programs and offerings. I'm always amazed. 

I'm just now taking advantage of her unique gifts and 1:1 service. After spending only an hour with her, I was able to reach a tangible and attainable goal in my business. I reached out to her feeling stuck, like I wasn't attracting clients, feeling out of alignment with my life & business and simply needing some clarity around it all. She not only listened extremely well to what I was saying, but she was able to pinpoint an issue I wasn't aware of. As soon as she exposed that "ah-ha" moment for me, she held the space for me and allowed me the room to let go of OVER committing myself to too many projects. This is hard for someone who wants to "do it all" and launch and who had already invested and built everything out, but simply didn't feel good to launch any piece. She provided me with an alternative route that I hadn't thought about, a tangible solution that lifted the weight off from my shoulders and allowed me to feel good again about my services and offerings. The result for me was getting back to where I can serve from an authentic and aligned space. In addition, she made sure I put together a plan for 2017 and sent me a template to help with the goal setting. This was simply icing on the cake! AND if that wasn't enough, she outlined an email template for me so that I can fan out some of the work to my VA and have her gather the testimonials for my biz instead of me. All in 1 hour! Simply Ah-mazing!

I absolutely loved the straight forward approach to her session, the no fluff and no bullshit!"

~C. da Silva, Branding + Creative Strategist at


"No matter how much journaling and self-reflection I did, the countless self-assessments and quizzes I took…I still felt - stuck. Surprisingly, I had the answers all along. But, it took someone to ask the right questions in the right way, to collect and mine the data and mirror it back for me in such a way that I could start to see the answers for myself. Jen Maynard is a gifted coach, a committed partner and unwavering champion. Working with her has helped me get un-stuck, moving towards living out a life plan that is authentic and ambitious and most importantly feels right!"

~R. Ambrose, VP Marketing


"The coaching session I had with Jennifer Maynard was really helpful. I am very new to the world of online marketing and setting up my own business, so was desperately in need of some direction. The help and advise Jennifer offered gave me ideas I hadn't even considered before and has made me even more enthusiastic and focused on what I want to do. She made me realize that I have something special and unique to offer and has given me the confidence to move forward. I would happily recommend her to anyone."

~D. Jinks, Blogger & Musician

"Wow, I just got off the phone with Jennifer and I'm blown away by how much we covered. Before the call I told her I was feeling like a lost puppy, not sure what to do next in my business and lacking confidence. In just one hour and she gave me a great opt-in idea for me to create and how to set up a funnel. she made some great points about how I can improve my sales page, she answered a lot of little questions I had that had been nagging me for months, and just made me feel a lot more confident about my business and my services. She also gave me great suggestions about what type of content to post in groups and which groups to post them in. I'm so grateful for Jennifer and the clarity she helped me find through our call. I don't feel like a lost puppy anymore. I feel like a mama on a mission. I have a clear idea of what steps I need to take next."

~Jessica Bentson, Crafter & Consultant


"The assessment gave me the clarity I needed to start moving forward with building my future business plans.  Through a few brief questions and coaching discussion, the assessment helped me define focused goals and identify next steps to move forward."

~A. Louie, Program Manager


"In only 30 min., she gave me incredible tips on how to propel my business forward in 2017. These were things I could not see for myself. Very impressive!"

~K. Karyna, M.L.M. Sales Rep

"My sessions with Jennifer came at a crucial point in my life when I had some big decisions to make regarding my career. Jennifer asked thought-provoking questions, provided great resources, and listened well. She is personable and warm and I immediately felt comfortable with her. I'm still in the process of making some of those big decisions, but now I have the tools, which we created together, to go back to and reflect upon. My confidence in making next step decisions has increased and I have a much clearer idea of the path I want to be on."

~ R. Jackson, Musician & Teacher

"I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer through her Niche Intensive session. And I am so glad that I hired her! After completing the exercises in her comprehensive workbook before our call, we were ready to get down to work. By the end of our session, I had crafted a clear message about who and what I was about. As someone who needs structure, Jennifer was a great match for me. When I veered off track, she brought me back to center. Thank you Jennifer for your help in my business journey!"

~C. Chin, Life Coach

"Thank you very much for our chat yesterday and the pointers!!!!!! Actually let me say it one more time hoping it do justice THANK YOU!"

~GS, Manager IT


"Jen has given me some great action-oriented steps to re-define and reach my ideal client. I am looking forward to building on her suggestions to take my business to the next level."

~N. Popkin, Wellness Coach

"I enjoyed my niche conversation with Coach Jen! I hung up the phone with such clarity and excitement about identifying my ideal client. Very insightful and a joy to work with. I look forward to working with her in the future as my coach! Thanks Jen!"

~J. Carr, Coach & Blogger

"Amazing session and I felt comfortable immediately. I left the call with so much more clarity about my niche and I'd been struggling with it for awhile. She is very knowledgeable and I'd surely recommend her service if you're feeling stuck around the idea of picking a niche. Thank you for your help!"

~E. Turner, Life Coach


"As a professional, I needed someone to help me achieve the next level in my career yet would understand 'me' and the challenges I was facing. Jennifer was instrumental in helping me to clearly define my goals and set time lines to accomplish those goals. She provided detailed guidance and encouragement when it was most needed. Her coaching style enable me to succeed."

~B. Akst, President & CEO

"Jennifer is wonderful at helping clients to see outside the box. She gave me both the encouragement I needed, and the thinking partnership required, to obtain an opportunity that I never thought possible. I am now in a dream job that I thought would take decades to find, with many amazing opportunities as a result.”

~C. McKinney,Project Manager and Life Coach


"Jennifer spirit of service is combined with her pragmatism. During my coaching relationship with her I always felt her genuine desire to help me arrive at decisions that improved my life--in all areas. At the same time, she helped me attack issues and limiting beliefs methodically and candidly, so that after my conversations with her I would have a clearer vision of who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do."

~ C. Moreno-Salamanca, Supplier Management

"I want to thank Jennifer Maynard for so kindly spending time with me last week to chat about goal-setting. Filling out the goal-planning worksheet today and everything looks so much more do-able when it's down on paper. Thank you!"

~ M. Tsun, Blogger

"Had a free coaching session with Jennifer this morning and, in only 30 min, she gave me incredible tips on how to propel my business forward in 2017. These were things I couldn't not see for myself. Very impressive!"

~ K. Faryna, Online Entreperneur