Leadership & Management Training

Our leadership training is designed for future leaders, aspiring leaders, new leaders, experienced leaders and executives.  We believe no matter your level of leadership experience a handful of key concepts will support developing any leader into the leader others will follow.


Key learning areas

All training programs are designed for your organization.  Whether you need 2 weeks or 12 months of training we will fit your needs. 

Creating leaders others will follow is all about cultivating the right leadership skills.  Though we can build any training program you desire we are specialized in the following, which we believe are the foundational leadership skills every employee needs:

  • What is a leader?
  • Leadership styles and theories
  • Authentic leadership
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Humility (and servant leadership)
  • Coaching as a leader
  • Delegation
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Motivating your team and others
  • Performance management & setting goals for your team
  • Ethical leadership & setting boundaries
  • Team building & team development
  • Communication - in person, in writing, difficult conversations, meetings, feedback, listening, and more